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Above : LOL 1592 unfurl their new banner in 1964

Greyabbey LOL 1592

On the 19th January 1868 Alexander Dorrian was made Worshipful Master of the then new Greyabbey Lodge 1592. In 1923 Hugh McAvoy became Master and his Deputy was William Dorrian, the son of Alexander, and today family ties remain strong with Brother Hugh Dorrian an active member in the ranks and he is the great grandson of Alexander Dorrian. Brother Hugh McAvoy was W.M. from 1923 until 1938 when he was succeeded by Thomas Christie, a member who in 1989 celebrated his 60th twelfth. In the span of living memory The Orange Hall has always been on its present site in the middle of the village. Previous to 1904 the lodge met in various old houses, but with the aid of public donations work began on the present hall.
In the early life of the lodge the members were led by the sound of two, lambeg drums, 'The Cock of the North', and 'The Cock of County Down'. It was proposed in 1933 that Hugh McAvoy, Thomas Christie (junior) and Albert Patton go to Belfast with £10.0.0 from Lodge funds to purchase instruments for the formation of a flute band. By 1958 a younger element within the band brought about a change from flute to accordions. The accordion band had the honour of leading the Brethren around the village in 1968 when Greyabbey hosted the 12th July parade flutes re-emerged in 1982.

Greyabbey hosted the twelfth on 3 occasions' - in 1890, 1920 and lastly 1968 during the Lodge's centenary year. Old photographs show that the Lodge carried a Lodge Flag which included the Lodge name and number. Today a banner is paraded which depicts the old Abbey, but the previous one showed “The Good Shepherd” and the one before ''The Mountjoy'' breaking the boom, while the first banner was a memorial banner to the late Brother Alexander Dorrian. Greyabbey village is brightly decorated in preparation of the Twelfth, and it is with pride that annually the Orange Arch is raised. Although the Arch was rebuilt in steel in the 1970's the emblems on it predate this, as does the story behind the emblems go back even further in time. No longer does Greyabbey LOL 1592 walk behind the rattle of the lambegs as over a century ago did their fore-fathers on parade. As God has guided and nurtured Greyabbey from the founding of its ancient Abbey in 1192, may his almighty power and grace be on the members of L0L 1592 as we look to many, many more years of Orangeism in our village.

Cystic Fibrosis Charity Initiative

Greyabbey LOL 1592 decided this year to have a Charity Initiative in aid of Cystic Fibrosis.
The Lodge decided to make small purple ribbons which could be worn on collarettes, sashes, and on band uniforms.
The ribbons were made by Mrs Rosilyn Long, wife and mother of some of the Lodge members, and in the run-up to the Twelfth, and on the 12 July the Lodge members sold the ribbons, asking for a donation of £1 per ribbon.
The Greyabbey Lodge were supported in their initiative by neighbouring Portavogie LOL 552, who donated half of their Divine Service collection to the charity appeal.
Many members of Lodges and Bands supported the Greyabbey brethren by purchasing, and wearing the ribbons as they walked through the County Down seaside town of Bangor for the North Down demonstration, which paraded to the Valentine Playing Fields.
Greyabbey LOL are pleased to report they raised the sum of  £773-80 , and at their meeting on 25 October they were pleased to hand over a cheque to Linda Alexander, the Northern Ireland Regional Fundraising Manager for Cystic Fibrosis.

Greyabbey LOL would sincerely thank all who supported them in this effort.

Greyabbey LOL Hand Over Cheque

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