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LOL 1884

Above : Ballywalter Heroes LOL 1884 taken around 1900

Ballywalter Heroes LOL 1884

The warrant of the Lodge was issued by the Grand Lodge on 29th April, 1865, and the first Worshipful Master was a Bro. Duncan McLaren. Down through those 147 years the Lodge has always had strength in membership and it has been a solid part of the Upper Ards District, indeed Worshipful Bro. David Johnston, a member of the Lodge, held the office of Worshipful District Master for 16 years. The Orange Hall in which the Lodge met suffered damage from fire in 1932, when all materials were destroyed, and again in 1979 tragedy struck when fire once again destroyed the inside of the hall, and unfortunately on both occasions the Lodge was left with no record or minute books. Thankfully one photograph of the Lodge taken in 1900 did survive, and it belonged to the late Samuel Regan, whose father was Worshipful Master during that year.
From 1979 the Lodge has come through this second fire disaster in their history to re-build and re-decorate their hall to an excellent high standard. In the interior of the hall two of the Lodges old banners hang proudly on the wall.

Depicted on these banners are portraits of two past members, they being Charles Henry George, 3rd Lord Dunleath, and on an older banner, Henry Kyle, 2nd Lord Dunleath, a reminder to all of the dignity in which Ballywalter Lodge has ever been held. Also in the hall hang portraits of both members, plus one of W.Bro. David Johnston Past Master L0L 1800 and Past District Master of Upper Ards District L0L No.11. Being a coastal village on the east of Northern Ireland Ballywalter has always had strong links with Scotland, likewise so to has the Lodge, and yearly this close association is strengthened by visits across the sea between members of LOL 1884 and their Brethren in Scotland.

No one can tell what the future holds, but the men of Ballywalter LOL 1884 have a strong determination to hold fast to their principles, a strength gained from the men of past years, and as they parade, even now, they are ever reminded of their past as leading them on their banner is a portrait of the Ballywalter War Memorial, itself to the memory of so many who fought for King and Country in two World Wars and since.

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Tuesday 23rd June 2015, 7.00pm - LOL 781 Charity Concert - Donaghadee
Friday 26th June 2015, 7.00pm - Upper Ards District Mini 12th - Ballywalter
Wednesday 1st July, 7.30pm - Annual Somme Commemoration Service - Donaghadee
Sunday 5th July, 2.30pm - Annual Divine Service - Donaghadee
Monday 13th July 2015 - Annual Boyne Anniversary Celebrations - Holywood