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Above : LOL 1900 12th July 1902

Kircubbin Volunteers LOL 1900

Kircubbin Volunteers Loyal Orange Lodge 1900 came into being in 1867. The first warrant, dated 2nd May 1867, was issued to Bro. James Muckle Worshipful Master, however it was not until 1888 that the Brethren had a permanent meeting place with the opening of the Orange Hall opposite the harbour at Shore Road.
The earliest photograph in the possession of the lodge dates from 12th July 1902. It shows the Brethren outside the Orange Hall before departing for the Demonstration at Ballynahinch. In those days the Lodge did not have a banner, but an Orange flag was carried, the standard bearer being Bro. Robert White of Gransha. Another personality in the photograph is the local Church of Ireland Rector, Rev. Mr. Foster who on being transferred to Strangford, was made a Canon. The Orange Arch can also be seen. It was renewed annually, being made with ropes, and decorated with flowers, Orange Lilies and Sweet William, and with Orange emblems. It was erected on the Eleventh Night. The poles to carry the arch were fixed in barrels filled with sand and stones.

The Lodge was accompanied on parades by a flute band. In the early days it was first flute but later changed to being a part music band. The members did not have a uniform, but wore a distinctive hat. On 12th July 1920 the Lodge's first banner was unfurled by Mrs. Wilkinson, wife of the then Rector. One of the events to make a profound impression on the people of the time had been the Battle of the Somme in 1916. A scene from the battle was depicted on the banner and on the other side, a portrait of King William III. The Lodge also at this time purchased new sashes. The earlier sashes of orange and purple were replaced with blue sashes to match the new banner. The Commemoration of the Battle of the Boyne was held in Greyabbeythat year, and it must have been with considerable pride that the Brethren of LOL 1900 walked the three miles to the demonstration, displaying the new banner. In the same year, the lodge honoured the memory and contribution of those Brethren who had served in the Great War by erecting a War Memorial in the Orange Hall. In 1926, the Kircubbin Lodge with Bro. James Close as Worshipful Master, had the honour of hosting the annual Twelfth Demonstration. The village then consisted of Shore Road, Blackhall Street, Main Street, The Green and Roden Street. Brethren from the four districts, Upper Ards, Newtownards, Bangor and Holywood, assembled at the foot of Allen's Brae and walked through the village, turning right down a lane at the top of Main Street to the demonstration field at Monaghan Bank. For this special occasion the village was decorated from the Orange Hall to the demonstration field and an additional wooden Arch was erected on Main Street near The Green.
Bro. Frank Oates, vividly remembered life in the lodge in 1932 when he was initiated into the order. Eighty-eight members were on the roll at that time and the dues were six old pence (2.5p). A coal fire opposite the front door heated the lodge room and light was provided by three paraffin oil lamps suspended from the ceiling and by one on the Worshipful Master's table. In the years 1933-34 toilets were added to the Hall, electricity was installed, a new maple floor was laid and a Modern Mistress stove installed in the kitchen. These were the years of the Great Depression and the commitments made by the Brethren were not entered into lightly. Much voluntary labour was given to bring about these improvements. Funds were raised by increasing the dues and by holding social events. Through wise stewardship and guidance by Brethren like Rev. Bro. Wilkinson the project was brought to a successful conclusion.
In 1939 the Twelfth was held in Bangor. Then with the onset of the Second World War there were no Commemorations until 1945 when the venue was Scrabo. In the post war years, the Lodge purchased an Orange Arch, previously used in Conlig. In 1952 this was replaced by one constructed by Bro. Andrew Mawhinney, assisted by Bro. Robin McWatters. The Lodge's third banner depicted Britannia on one side with King William III on the reverse side. In May 1971 when Bro. David Mawhinney was Worshipful Master, a new Standard was dedicated in the Parish Church by Rev. G. C. Martin. The Standard Bearer was Bro. Claude Bull. During the 1970s the Twelfth Demonstrations attended by the four local districts were led by Bro. John Steele dressed as King William III.
On 2nd July 1977, during Bro. George Palmer's term as Worshipful Master, the Lodge's fourth Banner was unfurled by Mrs. Williams, wife of the Worshipful District Master, at a service conducted by Rev. C. McCurdy at the Orange Hall. The illustrations chosen for this banner were ''The Battle of Somme'' and ''The Sermon on the Mount'' The previous banner was given to Raphoe Lodge in County Donegal following the destruction of their own banner.
In 1980, the Lodge had once again the honour of hosting the Twelfth Demonstration. This was during Bro. Victor Harrison's term as Worshipful Master. On this occasion the Brethren walked from the assembly field at Parsonage Road, through the village to the demonstration field at Ballygarvin. Bro. Robert Savage was the only member of the Lodge to have taken part in both the 1926 and 1980 Demonstrations, having been initiated into the Order on 12th July 1926. During the 1980's Kircubbin Accordion Band, formed in 1948 under Bro. James Filson achieved many successes in competitions. Most notably, in the years 1982 to 1984 it gained first place each year in the Intermediate Section of the All Ireland Championships. On moving into the Senior Section a third place was gained in 1985 and a second place in 1986. It has also had the honour of being invited to take part in the Belfast Lord Mayor's Show since 1983. In 1988 a decision was taken to replace the Arch and Bro. Jim Angus (Jun) assisted by Bro. James Caughey undertook to design and construct the new arch which was first used in 1989. The Lodge continues to stand for those principles of civil and religious liberty which were dear to those who applied for the first warrant.

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