Upper Ards District LOL 11

Cloughey Rising Sons LOL 1907

The village of Cloughey, which sits on the rugged coastline of the Ards Peninsula as etched by the Irish Sea, has boasted an Orange Lodge since the year 1869. The actual townland in which the Lodge was formed, with the first meetings taking place in the Master's houses, is known as Calhame, and even today the Lodge is known locally as the Calhame Lodge.
The motto of FEAR NOT was earned by the early Brethren of LOL 1907, as although they were never large in number they were, from their formation, dedicated men to the protestant Orange cause, and on their first banner this motto was placed below the Lodge number, not only to give forth to the public their heartfelt stand of never surrendering, but also to strike fear in the hearts of their enemies in the troubled times that have besought our province. Despite the motto not being printed on two of their banners, the last of these being unfurled on 30th June, 1972, a new banner was unfurled in June of 1988 by Mrs. J. Williams, wife of the Worshipful District Master, and it was with pride that the Lodge members were able once again to look upon their motto of FEAR NOT as the banner leads the Lodge on its Twelfth anniversary parades.
As the men of yore of LOL 1907 paraded on the 12th July they walked to the sound of the Lambeg drums, this being the type of music to lead them until the year 1937 when Brother W. Hasting, a member of the Lodge, decided to form an accordion band in the village. After a great deal of work and effort the Scott Memorial Accordion Band was formed, and from this pre-war date to the early 1980's the music of accordion bands was to fill the air whenever the Fear Nots of Cloughey would be on parade.
Often when reminiscing about the past a topic of interest mentioned by many Brethren will be the cost of the monthly dues paid into the Lodge, and in this respect the older members are no exception, and it was with a twinkle in the eye that Brother David Robinson, one of the most respected of the Fear Nots, recalled how the dues were only ''thruppence a month'' and of the big jump to the mighty figure of ''a tanner'' when the 1930's came along.
On Friday evening, 3rd June 2011, Cloughey Rising Sons LOL 1907, carried out the unfurling of a new Banner at the Dr Finnegan Memorial Presbyterian Church in the village. The evening was blessed with warm sunshine, which allowed the event to be carried out in the open air, and a large crowd of friends and neighbours were in attendance in the Church grounds. The Orange Brethren of Cloughey LOL 1907, accompanied by members form other local Lodges, were welcomed to the proceedings by Worshipful Bro. Joseph Long, GOLI Director of Ceremonies, who in his welcome also introduced the Platform Party of Rev. David Gray, Minister of Dr. Finnegan Memorial Presbyterian Church, Worshipful Bro. Tom Stratton, Worshipful District Master of Upper Ards District LOL 11, Worshipful Bro. Andy Thompson, Worshipful Master LOL 1907, Worshipful Bro. Jack Young, Deputy District Master of Upper Ards District, Worshipful Bro. David McKee, District Treasurer,and Worshipful Bro Jim Shannon, MP for Strangford.
Following the Welcome the Service was conducted by Rev. Gray who led the opening prayer, and introduced the first hymn, Nearer My God To Thee, the musical accompaniment was from Portaferry Accordion Band. This hymn was followed by the act of the Unfurling, carried out by Worshipful Bro. Stratton, with the Prayer of Dedication given by Rev. Gray, before the assembled group of people sang the second hymn, Abide With Me. Worshipful Bro Andy Thompson was next to address the assembled audience, paying his tribute to all who had helped with the evening, and to the members of his own Lodge for their support and help on this very auspicious event in the life of Cloughey LOL 1907. The front of the Banner has a painting on it of the old Presbyterian Church in Cloughey, with the back having a painting of King William III on horseback at the Battle of the Boyne. Prior to, and following the unfurling ceremony the Lodge and visiting Brethren were led through the village by the Portaferry Accordion Band.
If history can be a pointer to what may happen in the future, then the men of Cloughey LOL 1907 can look forward with confidence to a sure future. A future set strong with a back-bone of solid men of honour. Men whose names are set firm in the history of Orangeism. Indeed, the Rising Sons of Cloughey may Fear Not what the future brings and the Orange Institution at large can look to LOL 1907 as a sure part of its future.

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