Upper Ards District LOL 11
LOL 1951

Dalzell Memorial LOL 1951

The Original Warrant for LOL 1951 (Ballyblack) was issued to Bro. William James Lamont (Dec. 1869). The same warrant was cancelled by Grand Orange Lodge of Ireland 17th December 1892. The second warrant LOL 1951 was issued to Bro. William J. Canning, and four other Brethren, Robert Allen, John Moore, John Bennett and James Conway on 2nd December 1896 (Ballyblack Churchill). Bro. John Murphy was also one of the members of this reconstituted LOL 1951, he was a member of the original Ballyblack 1951. He remained an active member until his death on 20th February 1906. His connection with the Orange Institution extended over a period of 65 years and with LOL 1951 for 37 years.

It is on record that while a member of Churchill LOL 1951 he never missed a meeting. The members thought it therefore fitting and proper that the portrait of so worthy a member of the Orange Institution should be placed on their new Banner which was unfurled on 9th July 1911. At a meeting of Churchill LOL 1951 on the 7th October 1903 a committee was appointed to find a site for a new Orange Hall. On the 20th October 1904 a site was chosen by LOL 1951 at Bowtown. On the 12th July 1907 the Dalzell Memorial Hall was officially opened by Bro. Chas. Dunbar Buller Deputy Grand Master, Worshipful District Master No. 11 District. The name of the Hall was chosen by Brethren in memory of the late Mr. David Dalzell, Worshipful Master. Bro. Dalzell drew the plans for the new Orange Hall and much credit is due to him as it might be said that on his shoulders rested the burden of the whole undertaking. All work on the hall was carried out by fellow Orangemen in the district. Prior to this new hall being built the members of Ballyblack Churchill LOL 1951 (Named after Lord Randolph Churchill) had no fixed place for their meetings. The present hall has changed very little from the original building and is a lasting memorial to those who over come great difficulty and laboured for the love of the cause.
A few unusual events and incidents occurred in LOL 1951 before they had their own hall, on the 12th July 1887 in Ballywalter each member received a bottle of stout before and after the parade, also at the same parade one Brother was expelled for life from the Institution for being Drunk and Disorderly and losing
his collarette. At the August meeting of 1898 a Brother was suspended for life for wilful abuse of emblems and members on 12th July evening in LOL room's Ballyblack. Another Brother was suspended for 3 years for violating Law 16 Class 4 (Violation of Institution) Class 5 (Offences against Religion, Morality and Soberiety). The original name of LOL 1951 was Ballyblack, when it was reformed it became Churchill LOL 1951. From the 19th March 1912 to the present day it has been named Dalzell Memorial LOL 1951, Bowtown.
Regular monthly meetings have been taking place in Dalzell Memorial Orange Hall since 1907 with the exception of April 1941 when no meeting was held due to certain air raids the previous evening. And in February 1953 the meeting was postponed because the Prime Minister of Northern Ireland Lord Brookeborough was visiting Newtownards. In August 1928 Royal Black Preceptory 1022 was formed and held their monthly meeting in Dalzell Memorial Hall gaining most of their members to the present day from the ranks of Dalzell Memorial LOL 1951. The present Orange Hall has some interesting articles from the early days of the Lodge such as an Orange collarette which was found after the Battle of the Somme and is proudly displayed to this day in the Lodge Room.
The following letter with the collarette enclosed was received by Capt. James S. Henry Past Master and  Secretary of LOL 1951.

23rd January 1918.

Dear Sir & Bro.,

The enclosed has been sent to me from ''somewhere in France'' by a Bro. Orangeman and I take the earliest opportunity of restoring it to your LOL. I sincerely hope that the wearer of it is alive and well and that he will return in safety to wear it for many years. I may say that judging from the correspondence I have had
that it was picked up about the Cambrai front. It affords me a great pleasure to place in your charge a memento of such extraordinary interest.

With fraternal greetings.

Yours fraternally,

John McLindon P.M.

Sec. L.O.L. 1973,

Palmerston Park,

Inscribed on Collar
''Churchill L.O.L. 1951 Sec.”

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