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Donaghadee No Surrender L.O.L. 241

L.O.L. 241's original warrant from Grand Orange Lodge of Ireland was first issued in Newtownards District in 1856 according to Grand Lodge records, although further research from other sources indicates that the warrant was first issued as a military one by the Grand Orange Lodge of Great Britain in 1823 to 29th- Regiment of Foot who were stationed in Donaghadee at the time. Later becoming the Worcestershire Regiment, they went on to have a distinguished service history as part of the British Army. These military lodges were disbanded at the request of the King and were returned to civilian hands, thus enabling the warrant to remain in Donaghadee, and under the jurisdiction of G.O.L.I. Differences of opinion led to the formation of Upper Ards District No. 11 around 1861, with LOL 241 taking a leading role in its inception. Since then our members have witnessed the Great Potato Famine, been involved, some paying the ultimate sacrifice, in Crimea, South Africa (Boer War), First World War, Easter Rising in Dublin in 1916, Second World War and other smaller conflicts between and since including our own strife torn decades since 1969. This for King, Queen and Country. No Surrender is an apt name. They have also down the years stood for civil and religious liberty for all, walking in support of the great bard Bro; William Johnstone of Ballykillbeg against the Processions Act. This walk, which was deemed illegal, took place between Newtownards and Bangor in 1867 gaining the support of upwards of 30,000.

We have met in our Hall in Manor Street for many years; it was part of the De Lacherois estate. Major Daniel De Lacherois being of French Huguenot stock and a proud member of LOL 241. A painting of the Crossing of the Boyne by William III that he executed and donated to the Lodge in 1883 stills hangs behind the Worshipful Masters chair in pride of place. The estate passed in due course to the Stone family, then to the Days. We have always had a warm and friendly relationship with them down the years. This then is a potted history of one of the Lodges in Donaghadee, the others being L.O.L. 781 and L.O.L. 836 not forgetting W.L.O.L. No; 57. All fine Lodges in themselves and whom we work closely and in harmony with. This cannot tell you all that is in the workings of an Orange Lodge, but may go some way to explain its history and why members take such pride m the colours that they wear.

Bro. Hugh Bell

Bro. Hugh Bells Charity Work Recognised

Bro. Hugh Bell receiving the Grand Masters Special Award form the Immediate Past Grand Master Bro. Robert Saulters in Enniskillen Orange Hall earlier this year. Bro. Bell has in the past ten years or so raised over £450,000 for Action Cancer. Bro. Bell started his annual Wee Walk from Donaghadee to Groomsport after he was treated for throat cancer and had a voice box fitted. His lodge L.O.L 241 Donaghadee is very proud to have a man of his calibre as a member.

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Tuesday 23rd June 2015, 7.00pm - LOL 781 Charity Concert - Donaghadee
Friday 26th June 2015, 7.00pm - Upper Ards District Mini 12th - Ballywalter
Wednesday 1st July, 7.30pm - Annual Somme Commemoration Service - Donaghadee
Sunday 5th July, 2.30pm - Annual Divine Service - Donaghadee
Monday 13th July 2015 - Annual Boyne Anniversary Celebrations - Holywood